Is there any upcoming restriction against 'Hotcopper'?

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Frequent complaints of defamation against Horcopper is rising. The fans, specially who are dependent upon Hotcopper are feeling their nerve. They are tensed about their favorite investment forum's future. Sometimes even proposals to restrict Hotcopper are coming out. What the hack is going on?  
asked Oct 3, 2012 by Isaac Fielder (271 points)   1 1 3

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Hotcopper has 10,000s active members all over Australia. In addition it receives 6000 posts per day accompanied by at least 50 defamatory posts. Also note that they have 10 volunteers to catch those posts. After the recent event the debate got the wind. Which disclosed that companies are using their shareholders money to bring an end to any complain against them. Hotcopper has already offshored its database and servers. There is a saying that the 100 years old British based law is making the situation even worse for Hotcopper. So, it can move to the US where freedom of speech is maintained at the sake of constitution (or wall street!). Ban on domains here also rising at an alarming rate. Against all the odds we can't ignore Hotcopper's impact on Australian stock holders. That's why it is still on the top of the choice list. It doesn't enforce people, it encourages them. It shows them light at the end of a dark tunnel. Like the current situation, there will be questions in the future too but Hotcopper will remain the same as it is now. In the long run there will be no valid reason available to sue Hotcopper as they are not manipulating; what they are doing is just enlightening people!
answered Oct 7, 2012 by Austin Du Faur (267 points)   3
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There is an on going debate about Hotcopper's role; at least it's clear from its managing director's recent words. As he told that may be they need to move to the US to keep their activity running. According to him in Australia you can criticize politics but not business. That is indeed really poor. Though I don't think it's possible. Mr. MD is just reflexing his frustration.   
answered Oct 3, 2012 by Edward Bradfield (180 points)   1 1 2
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Mate I agree on that. Australian rules and constitution is based upon ensuring basic needs of any person or organization. People who want such restriction against Hotcopper are just want to fulfill their personal interest. The number of people who appreciate Hotcopper are much more heavyweight in number.
answered Oct 5, 2012 by Hamish Macintyre (553 points)   1 2 11
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By all means the answer is 'no'. First of all they are playing according to the rule. So, it will be a real difficulty for anyone to bring any kind of charge against Hotcopper. Don't forget that it is one of the Aussie favorites! Secondly, there is no doubt about the validity of their activity. Hotcopper is not WikiLeaks! There intention is crystal clear which is just to help people to behave wisely. The processes that they follow for this no contains nothing wrong. All they do is promoting discussions and suggestions for its members.
answered Oct 7, 2012 by Austin Du Faur (267 points)   3