Top Australian dividend paying stocks

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I was trying to find the list of top stocks with the most dividend by using the "My Research" section but no luck.
It seems there is no sort or ordering capability there.
Any suggestion?
asked Jun 22, 2012 by Hamish Macintyre (553 points)   1 2 11

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This might help you:
Go to My research section and then search for stocks with devidend yeild of greater than 50.
This will give you 13 stocks on ASX that 50% return on devidend. Unfortunately though this doesn't really tells you the whole picture as most of these stocks have lost more than 50% in value comparing to the last time they had paid dividend.
So my suggestion is to do add these 2 parameters:
1. devidend yeild > 50
2. change % from 52 week high > -44

This result for me are these stocks:
1. CSE       COPSTRIKE FPO       Materials
2. MES       MESBON CHN FPO      Consumer Durables & Apparel
3. OCP       OCEANIA CP FPO      Diversified Financials
answered Jun 22, 2012 by Jack Heaton (353 points)   6