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Has anyone in this site been using eSuperfund? Can you share your experiences and thoughts?
asked Jun 6, 2012 by Zane Chinn (407 points)   1 1 7

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I am leaving esuperfund. Their service is shocking. You have to leave messages that never get returned. They responded rarely despite several physical letters or emails. They refused to complete required paperwork when I needed to transfer some funds. I had to write to the ATO to get action. They are cheap but you get no service.
Pay a bit more and at least get your calls answered!
answered Jun 9, 2012 by James Hopwood (220 points)   1
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I've been with eSuperfund for almost a year and have been through one yearly audit process last year, I've found them to be excellent and the whole process very easy.

I only have about $60K in the fund, and after being in AMP for over 10 years (half that time in conservative option) and calculating they made me 0.00% over that time, figured even if I stick the money into a term deposit I'll still be way ahead. Even in the boom times the best they did was 12%, then in other good years I got 2 or 3%, several other years were losses.

I can't say enough how useless AMP is.

I'm very happy to have found eSuperfund, I'm on track to do better in my first year than AMP ever did for me in 10 years.
answered Jun 7, 2012 by Hamish Macintyre (553 points)   1 2 11
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I thought this sounded good when I looked at it but have since spoken to a couple of other investors (AIA members) who have used esuperfund and they found the level of service was non-existent. Maybe you get what you pay for.

From my experience no one can do an audit properly for $599 let alone all the rest. (When I did my accounts a totally independent auditor cost upwards of $700.)
answered Jun 8, 2012 by Jett Ding (355 points)   2
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Honestly, I don't recommend you eSuperfund. Large companies tend to be confusing sometimes.

When there is some important task and isn't completed on time, you have nowhere to complained. All they blame each other. My friend had a SMSF eSuperfund but it shifted Superannuation Warehouse. Now it is extremely pleased with the service and conditions they offer.

answered Sep 1, 2012 by gummy_El (172 points)   1